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Western Australia is renowned for the wildflowers which cover the land in the spring.
Around August, September and October the flowers bloom in profusion in land which,
if seen in the summer, would deny the presence of any life at all.
Top left shows the flowers of one of the many varieties of Gum tree or Eucalypt.
The red cap in the centre contains the flower until it is ready to burst into life
then the cap falls to the ground and the flowers emerge.
Top right shows the everlasting flowers which cover the paddocks
in the right season, as the season advances these flowers bloom,
first in the north and then, later in the season make their way south.

The two shots immediately above show two of the many varieties of orchids
which are to be found in the bush. One is a variety of Spider Orchid and the other is an Enamel Orchid.
The shot below shows the extent of Patterson's Curse to much of the country area.
It turns the land into a sea of purple -- very pretty.

Western Australia is a very vast state, for example, there are cattle stations here the size of all of Texas.
In the north the temperatures can soar into the mid forties (degrees C)
causing the wildlife to scurry for the nearest cover,
whilst in the south of the state the rolling pastures are often lush and green.
However, in the summer, they too turn to a burnt brown.

Early morning is always the time for beautiful moody shots such as these
Usually, I would look and think "what a beautiful scene" but never bother to stop the car
I'm pleased to say that this day I took the trouble to stop and shoot.

Perth is situated on the banks of the Swan River and in the evening the lights of the city are reflected in the water.
This shot is several years old and the skyline has changed somewhat since then.

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