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Lower Slaughter is in one of the prettiest parts of the country as far as I'm concerned,
the Cotswolds, and that terrible name belies the beautiful, peaceful village that is to be found there.
The houses seem to have been there forever and the cottage gardens which surround them
are a sight to behold in the right season.

Where else would you find a scene such as this?
You'd swear you'd been taken back 50 years.

Castle Coombe is at the southern end of the Cotswolds in the U.K
It is a beautiful quiet olde worlde village and has been described as the prettiest village
in the U.K . but there are many that would no doubt dispute that claim.

This is a shot taken in the Lake District in the U.K.
It shows the beautiful mountains and the remoteness of some of the homes.

Gold Hill is a steep cobbled roadway that has featured in Hovis advertisements
The houses are all huddled together on the one side as if supporting each other
The steep cobbled street leads beautifully to the meadows beyond.

Lustleigh is close to Dartmoor and contrasts beautifully
with its harsh surroundings
It has some of the prettiest thatched cottages I have ever seen
and the gardens are maintained as if for a year round show

This shot was taken on the Thames and shows what a life of Riley the youngsters have.
Water doesn't look too inviting though!
I call this shot "Easy Rider"

Saville Gardens is on the outskirts of Windsor and has the finest display of
Azaleas and Rhodedendrons I have ever seen. There's quite a few acres to wander around
and the variety of colours seems endless.

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